How to Publish a Book On a Shoestring Budget

What’s print on demand books? Print on demand often refers to personalization. Print on demand can meet anyone’s need to print their own book. You can print your own words and pictures into beautiful photo albums according to your own needs. Print on demand book review, due to its quantity, can’t reach the MOQ of offset book printing. So it often uses digital book printing. Thus, many authors or publishers, if they want to print children’s book on demand. They often find the local printing house to print their book or print by their own printer.

Because we print on demand books with digital printing. Which makes its printing effect is not good as offset printing.

Short run digital book printing

What’s short run digital book printing? Short run digital book review book printing is refer to fast printing. And doesn’t need to make a printing plate and change the version. Because short run digital book printing can do any personalized customization. In China printing services, when we make the proofing or simple and small quantity printing. We often with short run digital book printing.

Short run digital book printing is suitable for individual,review book  short-run prints, low budget, and a small quantity printing. If you want to print your own children’s book. And your quantity is small, budget is not enough, the needs of printing quality is not too high. Short run digital book printing is your best choice.

Traditional offset book printing

What’s traditional offset book printing? Offset book printing online book review method is to transfer the ink on the glue surface to the paper surface through a roller-type glue stamp. Since the rubber surface is flat and has no concave patterns. So we print the pattern on the paper, also flat, with no three-dimensional effect. Offset printing requires less ink and molds are less expensive to manufacture than gravure printing. Traditional offset book printing is very common in children’s book printing industry.

Different from digital printing, offset book printing need to make the printing plate and needs to change the version. So its printing time and cost are higher than digital printing.

When we custom child’s book by traditional offset printing. Its printing steps are :

1.Electronic file

When you finish your artwork and send it to the children’s book printer. Their designer will check your file. If your artwork has some places need to fix. They will fix them and send back to you