Revive Lincoln’s Financial Coverage – An Open up Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama:

The earth was transfixed on that impressive working day in January when, to poetry, tune, and dance, you gazed on Abraham Lincoln’s likeness within the Lincoln Memorial and looked for wisdom to navigate these hard periods. In fact, you might have so a lot of things in popular with that venerable President that one particular may think you were being his reincarnation in numerous dress. You might be both slim and wiry, fantastic speakers, showing up over the countrywide stage at pivotal instances. Fertile imaginations could imagine you coming back wearing that African heritage you freed, to help you heal the great scar of slavery and confirm after and for all of the proposition that every one Guys are established equal and will achieve good items if provided a preventing prospect.

As Wordsworth said, nevertheless, our birth is but a slumber and a forgetting; and if that is definitely correct, you will have overlooked a more refined cheap mini bubblers form of slavery from which Lincoln tried out a lot less correctly to free his countrymen. You may have overlooked it for the reason that it has been omitted from our popular heritage books, leaving Us residents sick-Geared up to interpret the lessons of our personal previous. This letter is therefore meant to remind you.

President Obama, we at the moment are fulfilled on Yet another battlefield of that same financial war that frequented Lincoln as well as Founding Fathers just before him. That you should end the function Lincoln started out can be a poetic triumph no American could overlook. The fate of our economic system and also the nation itself might count on how properly you understand Lincoln’s monetary breakthrough, essentially the most considerably-achieving “financial stimulus plan” ever carried out by a U.S. President. You’ll be able to fix our economic disaster swiftly and forever, by implementing exactly the same economic Resolution that permitted Lincoln to gain the Civil War and thus help save the Union from overseas economic masters.


The bankers experienced Lincoln’s government around a barrel, just as Wall Road has Congress in its vice-like grip now. The North desired revenue to fund a war, and the bankers have been ready to lend it only beneath situation that amounted to extortion, involving staggering fascination charges of 24 to 36 percent. Lincoln noticed that This may bankrupt the North and requested a trustworthy colleague to investigate the issue and discover a solution. In what could be the ideal piece of recommendation ever offered to your sitting President, Colonel Dick Taylor of Illinois reported back again which the Union had the facility under the Constitution to resolve its financing problem by printing its dollars to be a sovereign govt. Taylor claimed:

“Just get Congress to pass a bill authorizing the printing of complete legal tender treasury notes…and pay back your soldiers with them and go ahead and get your war with them also. Should you make them full legal tender…they can possess the complete sanction of the government and be just as great as any income; as Congress is provided that express correct via the Structure.”