The Technology Behind the Brilliant New Vivo Y72

One of the best selling Smart Phones is the Vivo Y 72. It is very convenient to carry and also comes with multiple functions and a wide range of advanced features. It is the perfect phone for travelers as well. The phone features a nice large screen, which easily accommodates all of the important details that you need. The touch screen also makes it easy to operate.

The phone has a nice large, high definition Super Night mode. Super Night mode helps to reduce the battery usage. There are options available to change the wallpaper and enhance the appearance of the unit. There is a lot of user control options available in this vivo y72 5g smart image is for example purpose only. Actual graphical view may differ slightly from the real image.

This vivo y 72 has a built in camera which offers an imaging process called Panorama. It also has an inbuilt image stabilization system, video recorder, voice dialing, voice recognition, Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity, GPRS and EDGE connection. Apart from these, the unit has an expandable memory up to 2GB. Android operating system is preinstalled in the unit along with vivo y72 Google play store, music player, messenger, calendar and many other useful applications.

The Vivo Y 72 has an attractive metallic finish and is available in grey, blue and white colors. The weight of the device is 8.2 ounces. It has a nice camera lens which allows for some amazing shots. The internal storage of this unit is surprisingly large. There is a slot for sim card and USB plug.

The software of this vivo y 72 has an easy interface and does not require a learning curve. People who are familiar with smartphones can easily use this handset. Every time you want to use the rear camera, you can simply press on the camera lens. Every time you want to upload something to the memory card, just plug in the SD card and it will automatically be transferred to the internal memory. The software has a very user friendly interface which makes it a nice mobile to use every time.

On the rear, there is a physical home button which makes it easy to operate. A fingerprint sensor is also present which supports Multi-point user registration, allowing you to save your favorite contacts, photos and videos and synchronize them with your Vivo Y72’s memory card. With a stunning six mega pixels screen and a high quality camera at your disposal, the Vivo Y72’s battery protocol allows you to take great pictures even with poor camera reception.